Friday, September 28, 2007

I am back in the studio, making more dolls, and designing new doll and puppet designs. I have so many ideas running around in my head, it is a matter of patience to get them down on paper (quick sketches in my journal usually) and then to make the prototypes in fabric. I love starting new projects, that has always been true for me. My problem tends to be not finishing projects that I began with great enthusiam. I am concentrating on finishing up unfinished business in my life, I suppose thinking about eventually starting fresh again. How appealling that is, to start with a blank slate!
Family situations and the tumultuous wonder of raising teenagers has taken up a lot of my attention recently. It may be calming down enough that I can begin to put my own creative work back on the front burner. I am no wanting to wish these last few years with my children away, but I do long for less dramatic mornings. On the bright side though, we are in the midst of a stretch of goregous fall weather, sunny and blue skies and the leaves just begining to change. There is enough of a crispness in the air that one can not doubt that we are in fall and winter is around the corner. I treated myself to a caramel apple yesterday, what delightful memories came flooding back from my childhood.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A busy summer that took up most of my attention, and I kept meaning to post, yet put it off. I think that in my effort to see this summer as a time to recreate myself in the face of transitions, I scared myself off a bit, feeling uncertain as to where I was going to go with this 're-creation' of my life, not wanting to do it 'wrong', or screw it up, especially since I seem intent on going public with it.
So, I've given myself a pep talk about just going for it, and now I've pulled up my courage enough to push myself back toward regular posting again.
In the works right now for me, are still job searching/freelance networking, a new grandson (my first grandchild!), I am returning to writing a novel that I put aside for awhile, trying to sort out how I wanted to approach it (somewhat like my life I think). I have also gone back to teaching, something I used to do many years ago. I am offering classes again at my studio, a visual journalling class and a mixed media class creating archetype cards. I am looking forward to visual work in my studio again, it has been awhile since I have given myself permission to play. It is about time I remember that it is a matter of giving myself permission, there is no one else I need to ask.
Oh, and I am back in scho0l, 1/2 time this semester, finally finishing up my degree, and completing a minor in creative writing. I guess that is what is on the top of my mind now, good to be back.