Monday, June 27, 2011

Dreaming My Business

I worked on this collage based on the Chariot card in the Tarot. It was exciting and eye opening to look for images and colors and shapes that said 'forward progress' to me as well as balance and harmonious use of both assertive and receptive energies. I really love the collage I ended up with, although I don't think it is quite finished yet. Now it hangs on the wall near my desk, inspiring me and nudging me forward as I dream my way into my new business. I am working my way through several books about business planning and envisioning, using both traditional methods and newer, visionary methods to create a business plan and model that reflects my passions, interests and background. I am doing this with a few other people who are also designing their own business plans and visions. It is hard work, it is scary, it is enthralling and invigorating. I am learning so much about myself, and about what is can happen when we open ourselves up to possibility.
I thank my fellow travelers on this amazing journey, and hope that we all find ourselves at the end of it in the future we had dreamed for ourselves, or even better!