Saturday, March 15, 2008


A very busy week. I had spring break from school, but spent half the week looking for work, and fortunately, the second half of the week working. I did a 5 day freelance job that was really fun and helped me remember
what it is I am actually good at. Unfortunately, it is not very likely that I will be able to continue working freelance, unless more jobs come in soon. On the other hand, I have accepted a seasonal job selling plants and other gardening items. this is not a bad job, little dress code, I am selling things I can feel good about, and I am not chained to a cube!! Life could be worse. And, the best of all, I am expecting 50 degrees tomorrow!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I'm ready to dream of the shade of green trees and long, lazy summer days. It is coming soon!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

Even though we are still on the receiving end of snow, at least we are also getting sunshine. This is the time of year when it is hard for me to be patient. Spring teases us and I am ready to walk barefoot, sit outside in my backyard, garden and grow colorful flowers. Instead, it is still too cold to be out without a coat, and the earth lies buried under white snow. So, I'll dream about gardening and play with colourful fabrics to keep my spirits up.
I am job interviewing, not always a painless task, but after almost a year of no job, I am ready to put my shoulder to the wheel again. Yesterday, i had a pleasant interview with a woman close to my age, and much of the time it was almost more like a conversation between friends rather than a job interview. Nice.
I am also on break from classes this week, which has given me a bit of time to think about what I want to do. I've begun work on a new writing project that i am pretty excited about, and unless I end up with a possible freelance job for the rest of this week, I'll be back in my studio stitching up new designs that I have been doodling all over my journal pages. There is nothing like a new pen (especially in a fun colour like turquoise or emerald green) to bring some energy into my journal pages. I've been enjoying it immensely. When I finish the prototypes of the new designs, I'll be sure to post them. In the meantime, I think I'll find some fresh flowers to put on my desk, and clear out some of the clutter that the cold weather has left in my brain. Think Spring!!