Thursday, August 18, 2011


In a recent class that I gave on making portable shrines, I made this new one for myself. It is a shrine about my own creative process. I am working toward a routine/schedule/habit of working creatively each day. This sounds like it should be so easy, after all, who wouldn't want to play with creative expression on a daily basis? But I find it so easy to have excuses why other things need to happen first; errands, house cleaning, tending to the needs of others. Creative work (and I use the term work on purpose, to help me see that this is what I want to be doing) seems so self indulgent and not to be placed in a position of priority.
I am gently retraining my thoughts to hold my creative work as a priority and of equal value to washing dishes or other chores that tug at my thoughts. I am learning to place the creative work earlier in the daily schedule so that I don't come to it tired and having spent my energy elsewhere. I am also learning that a daily creative habit, while it feels good, does not ensure great work. But, with more writing, or image making, or whatever, there is more likelihood of the work getting better and better, and this is more than worth the effort. Practice, while not making anything perfect, can make it good.
And I can live with that. There is always time for the dishes etc. afterwards.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Morag the Wonder dog

We love her, even when she eats our socks, even when she wakes up and needs - to - go - out - right - now!
She is a yellow lab that we got through a rescue group, and she has moved into our house and our hearts. I love how she wakes up every morning ready for a new day with the kind of enthusiasm I normally reserve for special occasions. She loves unreservedly, and with all of her amazing tongue.  And she is happiest snuggled in between all of us, touching as many of her human family as possible.
It's a dog's life, and I forgot how good that can be.