Monday, February 21, 2011

Writing the Novel

I am back writing again, this time for my class The Novel. It is enthralling, this process of watching how a novel is created from 'nothing'. I walked into class the first night with no idea at all of what I might be engaged in writing for the semester. By the time I had done the writing exercises in class, and continued to work on them that week outside of class, I found myself knee-deep in the 'dreaming' of what I now think of as 'my' novel. The characters, setting, theme, and yes, eventually plot are all unfolding themselves as I continue to explore, write, question and dream this still untitled novel. I am in a trance state much of the time as I wander around, half in the real world, and half in this world that I am just beginning to know. I still have to push myself to sit and write each day, and I am not always successful, each week I have a day or more that I don't quite get my butt in chair. But overall,  I have produced 10 to 15 pages each week, and I am deep in the birthing of a creative project that came from seemingly nowhere. I still have ten more weeks of class, so I hope to be sitting on somewhere between 150 and 200 pages of spanking fresh material. Not bad for a cold, snowy winter in the frozen tundra!